Common Late Summer Air Conditioning Problems

Can you believe it’s August already? If you’re in the Midwest, we’re sure the heat is the highest it’s been all summer. It’s hard to believe states like Michigan could get down to the 50s by next month. As of right now, you’re probably cranking your air conditioner all the time. This is the time of the summer when homeowners start having problems with their air conditioners. It would really be a downer if you had to replace it with just two months of hot weather left. We’re here to explain the most common late summer air conditioning problems so you can fix them before it’s too late.

Lack of air flow

It’s 88 degrees, you’ve cranked the air conditioning to 70, but you can’t feel the difference in air flow. Go up to your unit or vents and put your hand next to it, do you feel any air coming out? If your air conditioner has been running all summer, your motor could be failing or there could be a clog in your system. A simple fix for this is to clean out any debris or replace your air filter. Clogs can make your air conditioner work harder, and raise your energy bill.

Low refrigerant

This is another common problem that comes as a result of running your air conditioner all summer. Signs of low refrigerant could be lukewarm air, high electric bills, leaks, and ice buildup on the refrigerant line of your heating and cooling system. Call your air conditioner technician to inspect your refrigerant levels.

Faulty capacitors

The capacitors in an air conditioner work to start the motors for the compressor, blower, and outside fan. You could be causing your capacitor to fail if you’re running your air conditioner all the time. Overheated capacitors can cause electrical problems within the unit, which ultimately will make the whole unit fail to cool your home. If you hear a humming or clicking noise coming from your air conditioner, it could be a capacitor problem. This is an easy fix for technicians if you catch it early.

Motor wear and tear

The motors in your air conditioner pulls in the warm air from outside to cool it. This is one of the most important and hard working parts of your air conditioning unit. You may notice your fan isn’t working once you get toward the end of summer. This is a motor issue and usually is coupled with a squeaking noise. Make sure to get it fixed before you run your air conditioner over and over again for the remainder of the summer.