Moving Tips for Your Michigan College Student

Moving can be very stressful, especially when it is someone’s first time. Michigan is home to many colleges, including prestigious schools such as Michigan State and the University of Michigan. With fall classes just around the corner, college students are starting to make their moving plans. For many college students, this is their first real move. College is often when they also will move into their first apartment and perhaps house. This exciting experience can very quickly turn into a stressful situation. Here are some moving tips that will help make moving much easier.

Stay Organized

Sit down with everyone that will be involved in the moving process and come up with a timeline. It is best to get things done as early as possible. Come up with a list of what you will be packing and organize it by things you have and what you need to purchase. For students moving into dorms, stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond have free checklists available. There are dorm checklists that are catered to your student’s college which is important because furniture varies as well as regulations. Students at Michigan State are not allowed to have candles or wax heating devices, but students at Grand Valley are. As you begin to pack and acquire things, utilize a spare room or an open space in your home to temporarily store what you will be moving. This way everything is all in one place and will be much easier to organize and keep track of.

Rent a Trailer and Moving Equipment

Renting a trailer and other moving equipment will help make the process easier on yourself and allow you to take just one vehicle. Especially if you have a long car ride ahead of you, not having your car jam-packed will make the ride more enjoyable. It also allows for better visibility. Other parents and guardians will be busy with everyone moving their children; having more visibility will make an accident less likely. We recommend Alpine Rent All & Sales for all your rental needs. Based out of Grand Rapids, this company has many types of trailers to choose from as well as dollys and moving pads.

Pack Smart

It is important that you pack early and that you pack smart. Simple tricks such as rolling clothes rather than folding them and stuffing socks into shoes will help create more space. Another tip is to use towels to pack more fragile items rather than buying bubble wrap. When you are packing, think about which order you will need the items that you are packing. Having things such as rugs and furniture easily accessible will help the process move along faster.

Be Aware of the Weather

Michigan is known for its ever-changing weather. One day can be sunny and then the next has scattered thunderstorms. Check to see if there is a range of days as to when your student can move in and try to plan around the weather. If possible, you do not want it to be too warm or raining. In case you can’t get around bad weather, it is good to be prepared. If you know about rain ahead of time, you won’t pack up your student’s rain gear and you can purchase plastic coverings to help keep things dry as you are moving them.