Your Guide to a Good Home Appraisal

The best possible outcome for a home appraisal is to get the highest value possible for your home. It’s important to make sure your home is ready before an appraisal and inspection. Midwest Appraisal Management is a popular appraisal management company in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina and Florida that can help you have a better appraisal experience. Here are some tips directly from the experts to help you get the best home appraisal.

Make sure your property is clean

This includes the interior and exterior of your home. The inside of your house should be clean and clutter picked up and put away. Your lawn should be well taken care of and since Spring time is quickly approaching, try to update your landscaping. Curb appeal is everything in real estate and we all know that first impressions are what can make or break an appraisal.

Install and test safety equipment

Your smoke detectors and home security alarms should be in working order. If they aren’t installed yet or have run out of battery life, this is an easy fix to avoid a dent in your home value. It may sound like a no-brainer, but this is a small fix that can slip through the cracks.

Take note of home improvements

Did you add an addition onto the house since you’ve moved in? Did you remodel any rooms? These things can add to the value of your home. Room count can especially impact the return on your home appraisal. If you have a basement room without a window, consider adding one to make it a legal bedroom. New roofs, siding, appliances and a deck or a porch that was added can also positively affect your home’s value.

Fix anything you’ve been putting off

Leaky sink? Faulty gutters? These things can chip away at your value during your home appraisal. Fix any major, and even minor, home repairs you have been slacking on. You don’t want a home appraiser to see you’ve been neglecting your home. The little things matter and a little fix can sometimes result in a major improvement to your home.

Whether you’re refinancing or selling, home appraisal can be a stressful process. Make it easy on yourself and use our guide to help you get the most out of your appraisal.